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Artlantis Books

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Artlantis Tutorial
Download the free basic tutorial of Artlantis Studio!

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Artlantis is the fastest, stand-alone rendering application developed especially for architects and designers. Available in two main versions, Artlantis offers a product line suited to different needs and practices. Artlantis Render is designed more for those who seek very high quality rendering (architects, interior designers, urban planners, landscapers, exhibition organizers, exhibitors, etc.). Artlantis Studio, on the other hand, is the ideal tool for anyone who wants very high resolution rendering not only for images, but for iVisit 3D Panoramas, VR Objects, and animations as well. A recognized leader in preview window technology, Artlantis is the rendering software used by architects, designers and urban design professionals in more than 80 countries.

Themed collections of materials, parametric textures, and 3D objects available on CDs and online round out the innovative Artlantis family product line. Designed especially for Artlantis by industry partners and independent designers, Artlantis Media enable users to quickly and easily simulate life-like scenes in a realistic environment.

Artlantis — Interoperability with ArchiCAD

Interoperability with ArchiCAD

ArchiCAD exports the model in the Artlantis file format through its dedicated plug-ins. You can transfer the geometry, textures, perspective cameras, the sun, lights and layers. The plug-in offers you the possibility to update your second Artlantis file and take over the settings from the first one in case you need to change anything in the ArchiCAD model.
The Artlantis export plug-in is installed by default in ArchiCAD. You can find more specific information about the plug-in and a tutorial here.

Artlantis Render and Studio 3 - The missing book

by Roberta Cecchi, Roberto Corona and Pietro Spampatti (ArchiRADAR)

Available in English, French, and Italian, the book is divided into two parts: the first part is a user guide, while the second is devoted to tutorials and tips & tricks, to help improve your renderings.
Purchase online on the ArchiRADAR website.

Artlantis Render and Studio 3 - The missing book

The Artlantis Attitude: Getting the Attitude and Using It.

by Dwight Atkinson, Canada's funniest architect

The "Artlantis Attitude" is an ebook in pdf format. It can be ordered at www.objectsonline.com, or from any GRAPHISOFT distributor partners.

The 227-page book is a collection of ideas and practices covering the strengths of Artlantis Render and Artlantis Studio. Offering strategies and illustration principles used by professional illustrators, the book is a must-have for Artlantis users who are serious about getting the most out of this innovative rendering tool.

The Artlantis Attitude: Getting the Attitude and Using It.
Artlantis — Video Presentation

Export plug-in updates available for download

Generally, the Artlantis export plug-ins are installed by default. New versions and updated plug-ins are available for download and need to be installed separately. The following add-ons support and automatically recognize English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Greek operating systems. If you install it on any other language system, it will run in English. The installer runs in English on every operating system, independently of the regional and language settings. Please, visit the download site to download the installer.


Renderings by Thierry Tutin and Roberta Cecchi.